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H N Telecom Limited is one of the Leading Internet and IPTSP in Bangladesh. H N Telecom Limited can offer it’s clients the required level of services that have stability, security, reliability and WiFi and optical fiber network coverage. H N Telecom Limited has a wide range of IT solutions that meet customers every need for connectivity, enterprise automation and presence on the World Wide Web.
H N Telecom Limited is committed to give best support to Clients.

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H N Telecom Limited is Currently starting ISP Project to North Bengal Side Of Bangladesh which is following Digitl Bangladesh structure and planning to best service and data communications to Government and Non Government office, Public projet, Corporate Solutions and Educational instutite through High Speed Internet Connectivity..

For the ISP and IPTSP service we are following BTRC rules and regulations.
Welcome to H N IPTSP, When you sign up with H N IP Phone as per instruction, we give you a IP telephone number so that you can make calls and receive calls within any domestic operator or worldwide. IP telephone is not just other internet phones. We provide you a phone number 09 XXX XXX at very attractive rates. Even we will provide WiFi IP Telephony devices so that you can use it handy and mobility,Our numbers come with our full set of features including; Voicemail, Voice to email, Call Divert, Music on Hold, Divert, 3-Way Calling and conferenc and much more feature..
H N Telecom Limited provide the Corporate Broadband and WiFi solution which is maintain the standard level of services. That is we are maintaining the 24 hours customer care, redundant connectivity, instant support systems. Now we are providing corporate broadband in whole Bogra City including Dhaka through Fiber Optic and Radio Network.

H N Telecom Limited is a name of quality and trusted for Internet Service, IPTSP, e-commerce Service, IT Infrastructure Development and Industry Standard Software. Since its beginning H N Telecom Limited infrastructure "Total Excellence” as its principle for guiding light, around which revolves its entire spectrum of activities. With the own style, H N Telecom Limited is the forerunner in the value centric service Market place and an architect of high value end-to-end ICT solutions and software for both National and International market.

H N Telecom Limited Continue its promise of delivering new and diversified technological service to its client and once again introducing a high value communication service IP Telephony Service.

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